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The era of social media is only about 20 years old. But a Western Michigan University journalism professor says it's already changing our brains. Sue Ellen Christian writes about that in her new book, Everyday Media Literacy: An Analog Guide to Your Digital Life (Routledge, 2019).

Three trees, with orange, yellow and red autumn leaves, in front of a concrete building at WMU
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Western Michigan University hopes to recoup a badge of environmental honor: the distinction of being a Tree Campus, as defined by the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation.

Closely spaced solar panels tilt upward in a field.
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Breaking down silos: that's the aim of a meeting in Kalamazoo Township Friday. The guests are officials from local governments – cities, townships and the county. They intend to share plans for fighting climate change, becoming more sustainable and building resiliencey, and perhaps for working together.

Bike Safety Discussed In Kalamazoo

Jan 15, 2020

A new approach to bike safety in Kalamazoo is on the agenda for a meeting Thursday, January 16. "Driving Change" is a public safety awareness campaign Grand Rapids aimed at reducing traffic accidents involving bicyclists. Bike groups will meet with state and local officials to talk about a similar program in Kalamazoo.

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Kalamazoo's Planning Commission has rejected a proposal to rezone residential land near the Asylum Lake Preserve owned by Western Michigan University.