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Gordon Evans

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WMUK's Gordon Evans is an accomplished reporter and interviewer. A 1990 graduate of Michigan State, he came to WMUK from WAAM in Ann Arbor.

Kalamazoo City Hall - file photo. Photo by Sehvilla Mann, WMUK
Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo City commissioners are urging residents to follow the state's new COVID-19 orders, which take effect Wednesday. Mayor David Anderson says Public Safety may step in if officers run into potential “super-spreader” events. 

Annette Elizabeth Allen / NPR

President Trump is giving an update on the coronavirus pandemic, speaking for the first time since Joe Biden became president-elect. Trump has been falsely claiming on Twitter that he won, and his campaign launched a slew of lawsuits challenging the legitimacy of the results and baselessly alleging widespread voter fraud. Watch his remarks live.

Joy Yoo / NPR

Nov. 3 is the final voting day of the 2020 election. The presidency as well as several key Senate, House and gubernatorial races are on the line. Follow NPR’s live coverage and results as they come in.

Joy Yoo / NPR


View live results for Michigan's and Indiana's 2020 presidential, Senate and House races.

Emmanuel Wilson / WMUK

Check here for election updates Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and beyond. Election officials are saying that the high level of early voting will mean that complete results may not be known until Friday, and those results are still unofficial.