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We're looking back at some of our stories from 2019. Today we revisit Earlene McMichael's interview with Kalamazoo resident Sterling Reithman. She's one of the first women to allow herself to be publicly identified in the sexual abuse case against disgraced sports Dr. Larry Nassar. He's currently serving time for those and related crimes.

Earlene McMichael | WMUK

We're looking back at some of our stories from 2019. On Dec. 26, we hear from two of the top administrators from Kalamazoo County's first-ever public defender's office. The Kalamazoo Defender opened on July 1st with 22 attorneys to serve people who can't afford legal representation in their criminal cases.

A room full of people who are looking to the left out of the frame
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Kalamazoo Public Schools is reversing a controversial decision to leave books focusing on certain identities out of a reading initiative. The district is also apologizing for a statement that caused a public outcry.

Earlier this month, two concerned parents spoke to the school board. They’d heard that an effort to diversify KPS elementary classroom libraries would not include LGBTQ-centered books.

Healing Through Sound In Kalamazoo

Dec 19, 2019
A couple of large gong-like instrument stand near the back of a mostly empty room with polished wood floor.
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Picture this: You walk into a room and lie down on a yoga mat. Musical instruments sit at the front of the room. You close your eyes and hear a sound that's somewhere between a gong and a bell. Then a few rings of an actual bell, like the “all aboard” on a trolley if the conductor wanted you to focus on your own consciousness. Then a chime like a grandfather clock with an intriguing resonance. By this time, if all is going well, you’re in a bit of trance.

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Seven Democratic presidential candidates are debating Thursday night, the smallest group yet. The December debate, hosted by Politico and PBS NewsHour, is taking place at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. NPR reporters are providing live analysis of the candidates' remarks.